Life Stories

I'll never forget all of the memories that all of us shared. I met you in 2007, and I remember telling Trey, "That guy tells it like it is." No matter what the situation was, you gave it to us straight. Even if we didn't want to hear it, we still appreciated it, because it was just who you were. You were always there if we needed you. I remember you coming over to Trey's parents house when we were in town, and you and David were playing with Tallen. You took special interest in him. Asking if he slept good, things like that. You were a good Uncle to our son. I only ask now that you watch over him and guide him in this world. It doesn't make sense and it just seems so unfair that you were taken away so early, but I am comforted by the fact that when you did go, you were at peace. Content with the life that you had made for yourself. We'll never understand why, but we do know that you changed everyone of our lives in such a positive way, Matt. Thank you for always ring so real. Watch over all of us, please. We will not let your memory fade away. Rest easy, Matt. We love you!

Trey, Larkin and Tallen.

One evening, Matthew and I were WalMart bound to have a spare key cut so he could give it to his Mom when the furniture delivery folks would show-up at his new apartment the next day....while he was at work. So we stand at the automotive / battery counter which seemed to be eons of time. Matt and I were furious, as we had waited and waited, asked other WalMart employees for help and Matthew stood at the counter and demanded assistance from passing-by WalMart employees (none of which seemed to really care about offering service). I saw a Matthew I had never seen before....and I know he was jokingly demanding service from about anyone!

I picked up the phone at the ever-vacant automotive counter and frantically searched for the public address button, but I could not figure it out. Within a minute, Matthew did just that...blew into the phone to verify that he had the public address mode working, and he then handed me the phone!

So, and to Matt's astonished expressions, I made the public announcement that the entire store could hear:

"Attention WalMart employees, there are customers waiting at the automotive / battery counter that need a key made"!! Matt's expression was "I can't believe you did that"!!!!

One small memory that becomes so large. :/

My wife and I live on thirty acres of land up in Leon county. Most of it is wooded and thick with yapoun. The previous land owners used it as a deer camp and had cut trails leading to the back of the property. The first time Matthew came to visit he was about 8 and being a boy he wanted to explore. Of course it wasn't long before his surroundings began to look the same and not able to find his way back he began to yell. When I got to him he wasn't crying and didn't seem all that upset but his first words were "What took you so long?" And now that he is gone in my mind I believe when I enter HEAVEN'S GATES the fisrt words he'll say to me are "What took you so long?". I love you Matthew,
Uncle Tim
(a monkey's uncle)

I have so many memories of Matthew hanging out at our house with Shawon. The sleep overs during elementary school all the way to Matthew living with Shawon.There was one time I went to get Shawon up and I walked into the room and there was Matthew sleeping to.I didn't even know he was coming I can't even recall when Matthew started calling me mom, for it has been that long. When I heard this come from him I turned and looked for his mom Patricia I thought she was there and I just didn't see her, but no he was calling me mom. I never questioned him about it. By then he was a son to me. Then when Shawon would come and visit me at my place and he knew I was cooking dinner he would tell me oh by the way Matthew is coming too. Matthew was always welcomed and even if he didn't like what I had cooked he would eat it anyways. He's the most polite and considerate person I have known. Most of all I saw what a true friendship Matthew and Shawon had and thats the best kind of memory. Who would have thought they would be the best friends forever! Look at this pic. closely...they are holding hands awwww :) I'll love you forever Ms. Smith AKA MOM!

I remember the day that Matt and I started our Acoustic soft rock band Against The Stream. Matt had just gotten out of the hospital, which was a shock to me. I was unaware that he had even gotten hurt until he was almost out. He couldn't do much but relax and sit around So I decided I'd stop by his house and show him a few songs that I had been working on. I didn't even get through the first song, when he picked up his phone and called Nathan to hear the songs. That day Against the Stream was born! Little did I know, that day thrusted our friendship into over drive. Matt introduced me to many people and many experiences in my life. Many of which have turned into my own passions and my own friends. I know you would tell me today to keep on singing, like you've done since my first band Oddiz. I can clearly remember you waking me up one night singing the song "my demise" that I had written, begging me to sing it. I just couldn't wake up or stand hearing you sing it, so I rolled back over. Against the Stream is now a retired band, and will only play to honor you for who you are! Matthew Shane Wright you are loved, missed, honored, remembered, celebrated, and cherished in the eyes, hearts, and souls of many. I love you brother! Every time I look down at my right hand, or look at my arm I will remember! I will not forgot!

Matthew I just wanted you to know how much I love you little brother and that no one else in the world could ever compare to the person you were. I feel so lucky to have grown up with you as a brother and also as a best friend. Words cannot express my grief and there is no drug strong enough to take away the agony I have inside. It seems every time I lay down I wait for someone to wake me up and say it was all a bad dream. I don't think you realize ow many lives you have effected, just by being the awesome person you are. Matthew I just want you and everyone else to know how much of an honor it was to grow up and live at your side. You have influenced me in so many ways to change my life for the better, as you were achieving for yourself so successfully. Thanks for bring there during the school semester to encourage me and tell me I could do it, so I promise you I will not give up. You were a honest, sincere, respectful, kid who grew into a even more amazing man. I have become humbled by your ambition and drive to make a better life for yourself. Delilah wants you to know she misses and loves her uncle very much, so I told her I'd let you know. Well basically I just want you to know how much that I respected you as a person and man, but also how honored I am to be able to always call you MY little brother. I love you Matt and I cant wait to see you on the other side, so have some beers waiting when its my turn to walk through that gate. I Love You Matthew Shane Wright, nothing will ever heal this hole in my heart, that is until we meet again. I Love You lil bro

I went over to Matthew's place when he was needing help moving a pool table from his old upstairs apartment. When efforts to give the pool table away appeared futile, Matt decided we would have a little "pool table moving party" and he broke-out the hammers!

Four of us took turns hammering the pool table and heavy slate panels into oblivion, and before you knew it....the pool table fiasco was history!

It was one of the first fun times I had spent with Matt away from work!