Condolence & Memory Journal

Michael and I met during my freshman year at Fisk University, Nashville, Tennessee, when he spent one semester there as an exchange student. He and I became instant good friends. We lost touch after Michael headed back north, and both went on with our busy lives. Both of us eventually spent much of our time as university teachers. One evening, about three years ago, out of the blue, Michael got in touch. He had been reminiscing about Fisk, looked me up, and much to my delight, there we were, catching up on each other's adventures as though no time had passed since our friendship began so long ago. From then on, about every two or three months, one or the other of us called to catch up. Our calls were like clockwork. With no more than an elapsed three months, I would call him, or he would call me. Given all that goes on in the world, we usually talked for several hours at a time. In May, I realized we hadn't spoken in much too long. I had been especially busy, so I called and received the message that he was ill. When last we talked, he was pleased with his doctor's optimistic report, even though he had previous had serious cardiac problems. I called his office early the next morning and was told he had died! I'm still in shock. He was such a good friend, so much a scholar, a humanitarian, with the most amazing background that seemed to have needed several lifetimes to accomplish. I have never known a more honest and loving and caring person in my life. I know everyone who spent even a few seconds with him was the better for it. It is just now that I can write to you, the shock of his loss is still so hard to bear. I extend my heartfelt condolences to all of you. He continues to be a man tall among the very best of humanity! I will miss him always!

Posted by Mignon Holland Anderson - Salusbury, MD - Classmate   June 05, 2019

Michael brought joy to my life. I miss him.

Posted by Ruth Eurenius - Portsmouth, NH   March 05, 2019

Jonathan Worley & Michael Pugh, Lake Winnepesaukee (2002)

Posted by Jonathan Worley - Belfast, NI - Friend   February 11, 2019

God bless you, Michael! You led a good and virtuous life to which many of us can only aspire. I was very privileged to have Michael as the best man at my wedding, even though he said he didn't do weddings! I also spent two very enjoyable and funny summers sharing an apartment with him in Durham, New Hampshire. He was so modest about his accomplishments, but he led a life of deep service to other. He always was a man of modest needs and had a never-failing sense of humour and an innate kindness. "God rest him all road ever he offended!"

Jonathan Worley, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Posted by Jonathan Worley - Belfast, Northern Ireland - Friend   February 11, 2019

I and a number of my colleagues at Canterbury Shaker Village had the great privilege of knowing Michael as a co-worker and friend. His wonderful sense of humor, immense kindness, and deep cultural knowledge made him a sheer pleasure to know and work with. Michael will be long remembered by many people who consider themselves fortunate to have known him.

Posted by Darryl Thompson - Gilmanton Iron Works,, NH   February 11, 2019

My condolences to his family

Posted by Maria D Hunt - Merrimack, NH - Student   February 08, 2019

Michael left an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of our family and friends in Brazil. To this day, they remember him, his energy and his genuine interest in the Brazilian culture, people, food and landscape.

Posted by Ran and Lou Miranda - Brazil - Friend   February 08, 2019

This photo of Marian (Michael's mother) and Michael is from 2003. Of all the pictures I have of him, this is one of my favorites, not because it is a particularly good photo, but because she was clearly saying something silly as if it weren't silly, and he is laughing so hard that he couldn't even see -- one of the ways I will always remember him, and which I miss so much.

Posted by Margo Burns - Manchester, NH - Friend   February 08, 2019

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss of Mike. He was a lovely man, loved deeply by all of his family. I hope the memories you built together over his life will be comforting as you share them together in the days, weeks and time ahead.

Posted by Christy Dolat Bartlett - Concord, NH   February 08, 2019