Edward Thomas Field

  • Born: October 1, 1949
  • Died: August 1, 2017
  • Location: Merrimack, New Hampshire

Cremation Society of New Hampshire

243 Hanover Street
Manchester, NH 03104

Tel. (800) 493-8001

Tribute & Message From The Family

Edward T. Field of Merrimack, New Hampshire passed away on August 1st, 2017. At the far too young age of 67, he won his heroic 28 month battle with Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer.

Retired from CGI where he worked for 8 years with his beloved wife, Cheryl, Edward enjoyed a life of leisure. While Cheryl worked from home, Ed would be feet away trying to surf to the end of the internet. Together they liked visiting Rockport, MA, meandering around local events, whale watching, going to hot air balloon festivals, and perusing flea markets, but most of all was their joint love of just relaxing and visiting family.

Ed grew up in the streets of Philadelphia gallivanting about with his two beloved brothers, Stephen and Robert. Raised by loving parents, Max and Alberta, they often took family trips to Atlantic City or excursions to flea markets. He was a self-appointed cheesesteak aficionado, Rose's water ice slurper, and Hesh's butter cake gobbler. Though not an avid sports fan, he always rooted for his hometown teams, especially the Eagles and 76'ers.

Ed started his adult life by honorably serving his country, spending four years in the Air Force, stationed at Okinawa and Guam. Whether he was fueling B-52 bombers or dodging wild boar, his non-conformist ways were not always appreciated by authority. After displaying his patriotism by painting an American flag on top of his 1964 Corvair, he got into some trouble, covered it in black, and snarkily painted the word "censored" across the roof instead. While Ed was attaining Staff Sergeant rank, his commanding officer had tears in his eyes. One can only guess if they were tears of joy or despair, as he was truly a rebel without a cause.

After serving, Ed and his first wife Kitti landed in Connecticut, where he would spend many years working in the printing industry, perhaps inhaling a few too many fumes… which could explain a few things! Connecticut is also where he started a wonderful family. They had two amazing children, son Jason and daughter Carissa, who will spend the rest of their days seeking sources of laughter to match their father's. No one could make his kids laugh like he did.

Although Ed could make everyone laugh a ton, no one in this world could return the favor for him like his best friend and "brudda" Robert. Throughout the years they stayed in close contact, sharing wacky adventures. They loved Philly, attending 76'ers games, and casino trips on top of the simple joy of visiting and being together. Robert and his wife, Rikki, along with their kids, Jared and Jessica, will miss the craziness that came along during "times with Ed." Ed's brother Stephen and partner Carol would join in on the Philly fun and visiting as well, they too will miss Ed dearly.

After his children were grown, he built a life in New Hampshire with his devoted second wife, Cheryl, whom he lovingly dubbed Chebl. Some of his fondest memories with Chebl were of family vacations with her three children Andrew, Kevin, and Jennifer, which always yielded some new catchphrase that would keep them laughing for months, such as, "`you down wit dat?"

Ed went by many nicknames: Honey, Eddie, Freddy, Easy-E, Fast Eddie, Steak Tips, and many more… but one of the most important names of all was Saba, which means grandfather in Hebrew. He immensely adored his three (sometimes precious, often adorable) granddaughters, Jamie (12), Sage (5), and Anika (2). He leaves them an incredible legacy of humor, quick wit, strength, tenacity, wisdom, and tech-savviness.

Some of Ed's favorite things were jokes, sarcastic comments, movies, coins, knives, funky flashlights, and of course his Subaru WRX. He did not care for politics, counting calories, formal attire, or berries of any variety. When it came to cats vs. dogs, he would say a siamese Geekie from Guam would win any day.

The many life lessons of Ed—such as always being true to yourself, or vodka tasting far better than beer—will also be bestowed to his daughter-in-law Michele, son-in-law Art, step-son-in-law Edward, step-daughter-in-law Holly, step-grand-children Gifford, Cameron and Quinn, father-in-law Bob, brother and sister-in-laws Ken & Sarah and Steve & Giselle, nephew Colby, niece Charlotte Confused yet? 'Cause we are…

Ed displayed enormous bravery and strength throughout the journey of Edward Thomas Field: Fighting The Beast, Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer. He wanted so very much and fought hard to live. That strength, sheer determination, and tenacity will be called upon when needed in the days ahead without him.

No one will ever come close to filling his black and white checkered Vans sneakers. Ed Field will live on in all the hearts he touched with his prodding jokes and infectious chuckle. He will be missed greatly.

Note: A Celebration of life event will be held in Connecticut. Details to follow.