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It's been a long time now but just recently found out about TV's passing. He was a brilliant man but more importantly, he was a genuinely patient and caring man. Early in my career, I was tasked to fly from Texas to Sharon, PA and learn everything I could about a particular insulation test. Luckily for me, the person I had to deal with was TV. His smile was contagious and he was an absolute joy to work with over

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Posted by: Ken Mills - Gravette, AR - Coworker   Mar 24, 2016

TV was a great mentor to me ever since I joined ABB in 1993 through his time as a consultant just recently. There was NEVER a problem I brought to him that he did not have an answer to or a means to get an answer. He taught me the value of being a good experimentalist and paying attention to details that others would typically overlook. TV had a keen sense of adventure and an incredible amount of energy -

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Posted by: George Frimpong - Raleigh, NC - Colleague and friend   Nov 20, 2013

May he has found piece, and his relatives comfort in a rich life lived

Posted by: Jos A. M. Veens - Nijmegen-the Netherlands - knowing his work   Nov 12, 2013

It was my privilege and honor to work with T.V. from 1984 to 2000 when he retired and then on with him as a consultant to ABB for the next twleve years.
We worked closely on the invention and development of BIOTEMP from the laboratory into production of the product of which we both were proud. We also worked together on corrosive sulfur in oil and many other problems in the industry. I always appreciated the way we cooperated and at

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Posted by: Clair Claiborne - Apex, NC - Coworker and friend   Nov 07, 2013

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. May all the wonderful memories on Thambychayan give you strength in the days ahead.

Posted by: Wilcy William - Chennai   Nov 04, 2013

You and I have been close friends and colleagues for 33 years now. We were also neighbors for some years. It is hard to see you leave this world. You lived a full life, both personally and professionally. You have been a leader and significant contributor in scientific and biblical research. Most of all, Mary and I have seen your great relationship with your family. You and Liz have to be proud of Minnie, Roy, and Reggie.
To you

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Posted by: Ramsis Girgis - St, Louis, MO - Friend and a colleague   Nov 04, 2013

Dear Dr. Oommensir, May your soul RIP. You have been a guiding light for several. You will be greatly missed.

Joe and Philo

Posted by: Philo Matthews - Cary, NC - Friend   Nov 03, 2013

T.V. had a passion for history, science and the Bible that was wonderful and inspiring. I so much would have liked to have known T.V. for longer. He was full of kindness and willingness to share of himself, his discoveries and most importantly, his love of God.

Posted by: Rick Musser - Cary, NC - Friend   Nov 03, 2013

We were saddened when Mary Jane and I learned of T.V.'s passing. He was an exceptionally creative person and will be missed.

Harry R. Sheppard III

Posted by: Harry and Mary Jane Sheppard - Hermitage, PA - Professional friend   Nov 03, 2013

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.

Posted by: Kim & Jean Reynolds - Irmo, SC - Minnie's sister-in-law   Nov 02, 2013