Ms. Lisa Marie Small

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Dear Lisa,

My Sister Teena just sent me this notice of your passing. I too have fond memories of you, Kurt, Buddy and Judy. Your Dad Buddy (Arthur) was always my favorite uncle and I have many fond memories of growing up 3 doors down on 55th and Hamilton in Chicago with the four of you. We were fortunate to have the time we did when we were growing up together. I have always admired your bravery and good spirits after

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Posted by: Bruce Grybas - Huntley, IL - Family   Dec 02, 2019

Oh Lisa, I just found out that you have passed and I'm so shocked and saddened by this news. As your older cousin , I babysat you and played with you and Kurt. We lived three houses away on Hamilton and I saw you a lot. I've read the tributes about you and I can see that you continued to work for the causes that were important to you and close to your heart. You really made a difference and I'm proud of you.

My Dad was your godfather and so proud of you. We all loved you.

Always, Teena

Posted by: Chris (Teena) Cox (Grybas) - Aurora, IL - Family   Dec 01, 2019
Lisa Small. Chicago-Rogers Park 1979

I was looking thru old photographs and found this one of Lisa. Always wondered what became of her. We were friends in Chicago-Rogers Park 1978-79. Sorry to hear of her passing. Missed even more, Amen...Michael

Posted by: Michael Smith - Chicago, IL - friend   Mar 24, 2018

It's tough to go looking for a long lost friend and find you're too late. Many times I thought of looking but got distracted. Rest well, Lisa,


Posted by: Charles Clark - Springfield, IL - friend   Apr 05, 2013

you've always been someone who inspired greatness
in the people around you talking of your principles
and the gears that turn our nation
You were always the person to look to for solid
advice in love or law
It's like a rare book store with one of kind copies has burned down
No more referencing
No more researching
I've taken my mourning and twisted it into an invisible flower for you
I never gave you flowers but now I'm starting with an invisible flower
fed with tears from remembering all

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Posted by: Stephen Hoffmann - San Francisco, CA - Friend   Feb 12, 2013

Lisa, I am so saddened to hear of your passing. I know in recent years we grew distant, but you've always been a special friend in my life. Your guidance and advice throughout the years helped me through some of the toughest times.
You always were caring and understanding and someone I looked up to.

I remember cooking spaghetti dinner for you and would feel so accomplished and happy hearing your praise. Unfortunately that's still all i know how to cook! :)
Rest in peace. You will be missed.

Posted by: David James - Baltimore, MD - Friend   Oct 11, 2012


I will always love you. We had such good times together .. the parties we had the times we together, the time I broke you attic stairs !!! I am sorry I didnt a chance to see you on my birthday and take you up on your offer of cake. I will miss you dearly


(AKA Sharky)

Posted by: Speedy hamster - Gaithersburg, MD - Long term Friend   Aug 30, 2012

I met Lisa through mutual friends on Live Journal, and we became closer through emails. She was a true and brilliant light to the world and a crusader for justice, always. A true animal lover, as well. I am sure she's frolicking with her beloved GSPs on the other side of that Rainbow Bridge. Lisa, you are so very missed, and so very loved.

Posted by: Sue Jahantab - Temecula, CA - friend   Aug 04, 2012

Lisa, I have for you at home a small collection of hamster greeting cards, which I'd stockpiled for you whenever I saw one; and a sign that says "Attack Hamster" that I pounced on when I saw it in a tourist gizmo store in Florida. They'd gotten a little lost in packing and I didn't send them, and now they are breaking my heart a little.

I met Lisa through the online world while I was living in Seattle. She

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Posted by: Susan Grossman - Alexandria, VA - Friend   Jul 29, 2012

I met Lisa online, first on LiveJournal through a friend, and later in person. I loved her for her caring, her intelligence, her curiosity. She made it a point to share things with me and ask questions. I will miss her.

Posted by: Carolyn Hayes - Baltimore, MD - friend   Jul 27, 2012